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Heroes Reborn Episode 6 Review – ‘Game Over’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 6 of Heroes Reborn, ‘Game Over’…

This week’s episode was solid, with some major developments in the plot as well as our many disparate groups crossing paths and coming together as they head towards their ultimate goal of saving the world.  Finally we get to see some of the original Heroes while also getting a tease of more to come in next week’s episode.  We are already half way through the season, so I expect things to heat up rather quickly as we rush headlong towards the finale.  Let’s get on with the recap and review.

Heroes Reborn

Why, Luke, why?  Despite my distaste for the Luke/Joanne storyline, I found him to be more likeable and did not see the (SPOILER) suicide attempt coming, but looking back on the last few episodes, he was getting his affairs in order before he checked out.  Luke jumps in the water with a weighted pack and sinks to the bottom, but Malina uses her weather powers to pull him out of the water to safety.  Was it fate or dumb luck that drew Malina to the exact marina where Luke was and which caused them to bump into each other at a vending machine?  It seemed destined as Malina would save his life and he would let her know that he had seen the boy in Malina’s envelope (Tommy!) and would help her find him.  He had no purpose and now he does.  Malina is that much closer to fulfilling her destiny too.

Heroes Reborn

Tommy teleports to Emily’s room and tells her he’s not ready to save the world and just wants to get away.  Teen probs?  They whisk off to Paris and the Eiffel Tower where their bliss is interrupted by an EVO scanning machine to get in.  Tommy goes all alpha male and threatens the military members there after telling them he’s not harmful.  Way to go, Tommy!  Before they can capture them, he moves them onto a boat in the river and safety.  Emily is pissed, but Tommy explains that he’s upset by the “save the world” conversation he had with Penny Man.  She tells him that powers come with responsibility and that he needs to man up and fulfill his destiny.  He teleports them back to her room and before he leaves to face his heroic future, they make out.  Ew!!

Heroes Reborn

Meanwhile, Carlos has captured and tortured Captain Dearing about where his nephew is.  He reveals a place called Sunstone Manor where EVOs are being held.  That’s convenient!  But, he has to make it look like Carlos is his prisoner…and…they scan for EVO powers, so Carlos has to drink a vial of blood to make it look like he’ll test positive.  I bet he wishes he could take that little bit of trust back!  The vial of blood incapacitates him and allows Captain Dearing to regain control of the situation.  It doesn’t look good for Carlos in this episode!

Heroes Reborn

The episode opened with Carlos torturing Dearing and HRG torturing Mr. Harris.  Were we supposed to draw a comparison between the two?  Are they both that desperate that they would resort to torture or are we supposed to realize that HRG has gotten so low as to resort to street brawl tactics?  Either way, we learn that Harris knows where the master of time and space is being held as well as Francis and also tells Quentin that his sister is coming back from Canada and he can lead them to Hiro.  Taylor heads out to find her Francis, but discovers that the EVOs are all gone.  She is pregnant with his baby and also feeling rebellious.  She leaks a bunch of information to the Hero Truthers about her plans.  Dun, dun, dunnn.  Meanwhile, HRG and Quentin head to Renautas and get past security with Harris’ help and are about to enter the elevator to get to where Hiro is when Miko materializes from thin air and then attacks the clone man when she sees him and recognizes him.  HRG convinces her that they share a mutual enemy and that she shouldn’t kill Harris.  Harris escapes and HRG heads to the basement with Quentin and Miko where they meet up with Ren.  He helped Miko defeat a huge guard, but his laptop died (keep those batteries charged, dude!) and had to sneak into HQ.  The computer guy is there and he tells them Hiro is trapped inside Evernow, a place with no time or space and the only way to free him is for Miko to die.  SPOILER!  She’s not real.  She’s a computer creation and not really Katana Girl.  She must battle her evil self in the game and sacrifice herself to open the door to free Hiro.

Heroes Reborn

Quentin’s sister Phoebe, AKA The Shadow, shows up with Harris and a bunch of his clones.  Her smoke clouds disable EVO powers and so Miko is unable to go back into the game.  Quentin tries to reason with his sister, who has definitely gone to the dark side, while HRG and Ren fight the clone wars.  Phoebe uses her powers to (SPOILER) kill her brother before HRG can knock her out.  With her out, Miko is able to go back into the game, defeat her evil self and unlock the door, ending her life, but saving the master of time and space.  Back in the real world the Harris clones have HRG cornered and open fire on him as he sits defenseless next to Quentin and Phoebe.  Oh no!!

Heroes Reborn

Suddenly we are in bullet-time and Noah is able to push a bullet out of the way.  Only one person in the Heroes universe can do that- Hiro is back!  HRG and Hiro catch up.  Then Noah convinces Hiro to take him back in time to June 13th, the day of the Odessa Summit to try and stop Erica Kravid from her master plan.  Pop!  They are out of there and the Harris clones come back to real time and see that HRG is gone.  Mr. Harris lets Erica know that Hiro is free and that they are gone.  Bad news for her!

I was so happy to finally see the payoff that has been teased since the new show started- Hiro Nakamura back in action.  It looks like we’re getting a lot more of the original Heroes as next week’s episode tease shows Angela Petrelli warning Mohinder Suresh not to go to the summit.  I look forward to the next seven episodes being a bit faster paced with more action as all the different playing pieces come together and the united Heroes fight to save the world.  My grade for this episode is a 9 out of 10.

Official Episode Synopsis: HRG reunites with Hiro Nakamura and hatches a plan, Luke connects with Malina, and Tommy and Emily travel to Paris.

Heroes Reborn airs on Thursday nights at 8pm EST on NBC.

Tai Freligh

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