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Heroes Reborn Episode 7 Review – ‘June 13- Part 1’

Tai Freligh reviews episode 7 of Heroes Reborn, ‘June 13 – Part 1’…

This was my favourite episode of the entire Heroes Reborn series by far and earns my first 10 out of 10 rating.  It was action-packed.  It featured several of the original Heroes, including Mohinder, Angela and Hiro and answered several questions while managing to bring up new ones and provide some clarity to the Heroes Reborn timeline.  Let’s get to the recap and review!

Heroes Reborn

The episode opens with Noah and Hiro back in time at the Odessa Summit.  Noah wants to stop the bombs from going off, but Hiro doesn’t want to mess with time too much.  An associate of Noah’s spots him and tells him Claire is there and he should say hello.  Noah rushes off to try and find Claire.  Meanwhile, somewhere outside of Odessa, Angela Petrelli has arranged a meeting with Mohinder to try and convince him not to give a speech at the summit.  She’s had a vision of the future and it’s not good.  She knows that Erica Kravid wants to sacrifice everyone to the human extinction event and will silence him from speaking out about how humans and EVOs should work together.  She tells him that he will not be giving his speech that day and that Erica plans on cancelling his speech and killing him.  Mohinder doesn’t believe her, after all, she’s been a conniving and deceitful bitch in the past, so what has changed?  He storms off to the summit, but a little less certain now about Erica’s motives.  He gives his work to Molly Walker to hold on to, just in case.

Heroes Reborn

Across the world in Tokyo,  Hachiro Otomo visits Hiro and shows him his progress on the EVERNOW game.  Hiro is impressed, but not enough to voluntarily help Erica out with his powers.  Otomo tells him they need his help to send humanity into the future.  Before Hiro can react, Otomo sends him into the locked room in the game.  When he sees the explosion at the summit and all the deaths, Otomo knows that Kravid lied to him, but it’s already too late.

Heroes Reborn

We take almost all of the storylines back to the day of the summit, including Luke and Joanne in happier times.  Their son is either an EVO or has a rare human condition which makes his skin burn in contact with the sun (oh the irony).  Luke wants to see if there are any EVOs who can help him get better, but Joanne is not very on board (foreshadowing the future?).  They go to the summit and when the explosion happens, they can’t find their son and are in a state of panic.

Heroes Reborn

Hiro and HRG are looking through rooms at the summit to try and find clues about the bombing, when they hear people coming.  They hide in a secret room behind a bookshelf that he happens to know about.  Past Noah and Erica come into the room to have a discussion.  Turns out she’s a bigot about EVOs and she fires Noah for not being on board with the plan.  She sends him off with security guards to be held in a room.  After they leave, Future Noah wants to save Past Noah, but Hiro doesn’t want to upset the timeline (butterflies and all that).  Angela Petrelli rushes around the corner to tell them that Claire is at the hospital and they need to go see what’s happening.  They arrive at the hospital to the news that Claire died giving birth to twins.  WHAT?  Claire can die?  She was pregnant?  WHO is the father??  Noah needs to see her to say his goodbyes and takes off.

Heroes Reborn

Mohinder Suresh has been escorted by Mr. Harris to see Erica Kravid.  Turns out there is a change of plans and he will not be giving his speech.  Bells go off in his head, just like Angela said.  She tells him that Harris will be dealing with him and he sees that he has a gun.  He tries to use his powers to save himself, but not before he gets shot with a tranquilizer dart.  Uh oh!

Heroes Reborn

Mohinder wakes up in the parking garage underneath the summit with several of the Harris clones, all wearing bombs.  This is how Erica blows up the building…with multiple bombs.  Hiro shows up in time to try and save Mohinder, but he realizes part way through the fight that stopping the bombs would mess too much with time and he teleports out of there after freeing Mohinder.  Meanwhile, Past Noah is in a locked room when he receives a visit from the penny man who is supposed to wipe his memory, but instead helps him escape.

Heroes Reborn

Hiro shows up at the hospital and tells Noah that he couldn’t stop the bombing because it would have caused too many disruptions to the future.  They return to the hospital room with the nurse, who gives Angela and Hiro the twin children.  Angela has seen the future and these two children will be the ones to save it.  DING!  Tommy and Malina are brother and sister!  They need to be protected so Hiro takes Angela and the two babies into the past so that they will be hidden from Erica and old enough to stop the future destruction from happening.  Cut to the same nurse going home to celebrate her son’s birthday (we recognized her as Tommy’s mother when we first saw her).  He tells her he’s ready because his father taught him everything he needed to know (who’s the father??).  Cut back to the hospital in time to see Noah get a stern warning from Hiro to not mess with the past.  Of course, Noah promptly heads off to mess with the past by trying to kill Erica (reverse psychology gone awry!).  Meanwhile, Past Noah and penny man come outside just in time to see the shadow cloud cover the summit (we saw Erica forcing Phoebe to help her earlier in the episode).  Noah fires his gun into the air, but it’s too late.  The bomb goes off.  Past Noah rushes to the hospital in time to see Future Noah chasing after Kravid.  When he sees that his future self is going to kill her, he lunges at himself before a cut to black.

There were plenty of reveals and answers, but at the same time more questions that I hope will get answered very soon.  Who is the father to Claire’s twins?  Is Tommy’s father the same person?  What happened to Mohinder Suresh in the explosion?  How do the events of this episode mess with the original timeline of the premiere episode of Heroes Reborn?  Where were Carlos and Malina in this episode?  We will have to wait and see next week!  This episode gets a solid 10 out of 10.

Official Episode Synopsis: After traveling back in time, HRG and Hiro try to change the course of history by intercepting Mohinder Suresh before the bombing at the Odessa summit.

Heroes Reborn airs on Thursday nights at 8pm EST on NBC.

Tai Freligh

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