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Comic Book Review – Heroes Vengeance #3

Tai Freligh reviews Heroes Vengeance #3…

The ‘Vengeance’ storyline continues! The origin of the previous El Vengador continues as he meets a certain Father Mauricio and discovers his secret… Plus a familiar face returns – with a deadly agenda, and the Diablos gang are still causing problems…

From Titan Comics comes a series of comic stories that serve as prequels to the Heroes Reborn television show on NBC.  They plan on coming out with several five issue character studies, the first being El Vengador.

Issue #1 (of five) started to tell the back-story of El Vengador, the wrestler and El Vengador, the EVO. It asked the question, “what is a hero?” and explored different answers to that.  You can read my review of that issue here.

In the second issue, we got to see a little bit more about how he deals with his opponents. This third issue focuses mainly on Oscar and his interactions with gang members who are trafficking humans.  As El Vengador, he rescues the people and hides them in his secret lair beneath his auto shop.  He enlists the help of Father Mauricio Chavez to form an underground railroad to get the people to safety.  Turns out the humans are all EVOs and somebody is paying a big price to capture them.  Oscar reveals to the priest that he is El Vengador and asks for his help.  The Father reveals that he has EVO powers too.  They work together to set up an underground railroad system and also both pledge to keep an ear to the ground about gang rumblings.

The issue also includes a variant cover as well as a backstory to the variant covers for the first two issues and this one as well.  It also includes a tease to the next issue where we see Oscar, Luis, Father Mauricio and a luchador on the cover of Heroes Vengeance #4.  This month’s issue was fairly action-packed in terms of moving the storyline along, so I’m giving it an 8 out of 10.

Heroes: Vengeance #3 is out now, priced $3.99.

Tai Freligh

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