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30 Things We Learned About the Justice League Movie

Justice League artTai Freligh with 30 things we learned about the Justice League movie…

News about Zack Snyder’s follow up to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had been few and far between in terms of photos, logos, plot descriptions, etc.  Then late last week the news leaked that several reporters were heading to London to do a Justice League set visit.  It looked like they spent a full day on set and then flew back over this past weekend.  And that’s when the rumour that something big was going to drop on Tuesday started to circulate and grow and take on a life of its own.  It wasn’t until we started to see various entertainment news outlets start to confirm that big Justice League news was dropping on Tuesday morning at 6am PT/9am ET/2pm UK time that we started to believe the hype.  We didn’t know what to expect.  Typically set visit reports are held for large amounts of time, even up to a year or more, so it seemed that we would maybe get a logo or a plot synopsis, but what dropped on Tuesday morning was an early Christmas for DC fanboys.  Not only did we get a logo and plot synopsis, but we got extremely detailed set visit reports and videos from a whole slew of media outlets.  There was a LOT of information dropped, so we’ve read through the set reports and have selected 30 things out of hundreds that we learned about the Justice League movie.


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