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Exclusive interview with Cris Velasco, award winning video game composer

Cris Velasco Talks Resident Evil BiohazardCris Velasco is a multiple award-winning composer of epic orchestral, dark experimental and modern hybrid music scores for video games, film and television. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Music Composition, Velasco pursued his passion to write music for visual media; his first major release was composing for Sony’s blockbuster God of War.

A prolific and versatile composer, Velasco has become one of the most sought-after composers in interactive entertainment, scoring many major titles including Overwatch, Battleborne, The Long Dark, Bloodborn, H1Z1, Assassin’s Creed IV: Dead Kings, Company of Heroes 2, Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 1 & 2, God of War 1-3, Tron: Evolution, Clive Barker’s Jericho, and many more.

Velasco also composes for independent films, trailers, and commercials for high-profile clients such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Lexus and Mercedes. His music has been licensed for numerous movies, documentaries and television shows. In addition, Velasco arranged, orchestrated, and conducted multiple arrangements of the Monday Night Football theme currently airing on ESPN.

He took time out of his schedule to chat with me about his work on Resident Evil 7, Freakish and other upcoming projects.


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