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Exclusive Interview: Priscilla Ford on indie thriller Without Disguise

Tai Freligh chats with Priscilla Ford from Without Disguise…

Priscilla Ford

Priscilla Ford is an actress, model and fashion blogger who can next be seen in the indie thriller Without Disguise alongside Angela Sarafyan. Ford plays Nicola, a higher echelon hacker in an alternate reality run by a mechanism called “The Algorithm”. With complete devotion to The Algorithm her and her companion slave day in and day out to make sure their world is kept in perfect cult-like order. The film is set to premiere later this year. Ford also starred in the avant-garde short film Deux Face directed by Loic Zimmerman.  I asked her about Without Disguise, Deux Face and her fashion career.

Tell me about Without Disguise and what your role is in the movie?The film is about a dystopian world run by a perfect system called The Algorithm. I play one of The Algorithm’s top echelon hacker’s, Nicola.

Priscilla Ford BTS from Without Disguise

You ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to complete the film.  What happened with your goal and did you pull your famous cousin in to help get backers?

We made our baseline goal 8 days before the deadline, which as anyone who has ever had to make a deadline -was a huge relief, we knew that at least we could shoot it. My cousin is lovely and posted about it on her social media, I was extremely grateful for that.

Your IMDb page lists Yeux De Tournesol as an announced short.  I see that you and Mickey River are the only cast announced so far.  What can you tell us about this upcoming project?

So far it’s a mystery tale about a writer who keeps seeing his Muse and the Muse’s harsh life outside of the writer’s fantasy. I look forward to diving into that one!

Deux Face starring Priscilla Ford

What is Deux Face?

Deux Face is fashion short film, that has just been announced as an entry to Toronto International Fashion Film Festival 2017. It’s about a girl name Sand who fights herself, her inner demon, Ocean, the character I play. Ocean and Sand are one in the same. We see Sand exploring the interesting self-acceptance dynamic that we all have to tackle at some point.

Which do you like better, acting, blogging or fashion?

Acting is everything to me, watching films, reading the trades, the value system of it how it ticks…it’s all very exciting to me.  You can blog no matter your career! Mothers with 4 children do, single-dads giving advice do it, which is something that I find so interesting about the blogosphere. People always like to read, and they like to read about things that will help them. It’s an important outlet because it changes with you.  My blog brings fashion curations that I think are different than what most people are selecting, however I’d like to spin it off into a fashion brand one day.

What’s your favourite social media platform?

Instagram definitely, which by the way is @thepriscillaford.

Priscilla Ford

How would you describe your fashion style?

It’s a lot of things because I’m ethnically mixed and my origins are a bit scattered. There’s a lot of lifestyle influences from where I’ve been, but I’d say that at the end of the day: something past-something Future! You’ll have to check out my blog and subscribe for all the goodness ?

Ever thought about doing costume design for TV or movies?

I’ve produced photoshoots in the past, so I appreciate it when someone who comes in and dresses me or gets involved in a project that I am a part of.  It’s no small feat- I’m personally more interested in having my own brand, however you know, brand’s do things for TV and Film all of the time. So my answer to that is….to be continued… ?

We thank Priscilla Ford for taking the time to chat with Flickering Myth.  You can find her online on her website and also Twitter and Instagram.

Photo credits: Anne Yano and Adrian Favela

Tai Freligh is a Los Angeles based writer and can be followed on Twitter.

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